wellnessAnnual Professional Wellness Examinations

Wellness exams at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital allow our veterinarians to develop a complete picture of your pet’s overall health and check for any potential health problems before they become difficult to treat. Our doctors believe strongly in a collaborative effort between you, the caregiver, and us, your health care provider. For that reason we strive to answer all questions about your pet’s health, behavior, diet, and happiness! 

Our doctors take their time evaluating the following and more during your pet’s examination:

  • Heart and Lungs
  • Inspect the skin and hair coat including ear canals
  • Vision and ocular (eye) changes
  • Teeth and oral health
  • Check lymph nodes for enlargement or irregularities
  • Evaluate abdominal organs
  • Any unusual lumps or swelling
  • Evaluate joints and muscles for pain
  • Gauge body mass index for weight problems
  • Assess skin and hair coat for changes

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Our veterinarians believe in working closely with you, the caregiver, to prevent problems now instead of waiting to treat them later. Enjoy life. Enjoy them!

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