Intestinal Blockage Removal


Dogs and cats don’t know what’s ok to eat and what’s not, and they sometimes find items like socks, rubber balls, toys, or even peach pits irresistible. Unfortunately, many of these items are not digestible and, rather than passing through, can become lodged in their intestine.

Why Blockage Removal is Important

An intestinal blockage can often become serious and even life threatening for your pet. Just like a blocked pipe, it doesn’t resolve by simply adding more pressure. It only leads to further complications that can spiral out of control very quickly. Some of the dangers of an intestinal blockage include:


  • Inflammation of the intestines
  • Reduced or no blood flow to the intestines
  • Rupture or a tear in the intestines
  • Infection throughout the body
  • Necrosis (destruction of cells) of the intestines

The longer your pet goes untreated the worse these problems become. At best, a blockage will incur expensive treatments with a potentially long recovery time, and at worst a blockage can be fatal.

Symptoms of an Intestinal Blockage


There are many symptoms that your pet may display if its intestine is blocked:

  • Vomiting (most common symptom)
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Restlessness
  • Panting
  • Drooling
  • Uncommonly tired
  • Whining
  • Bloating / Distended Belly
  • Trouble defecating or diarrhea

These symptoms are not unique to an intestinal blockage, but a combination of them indicates a high probability. If your pet is displaying any of these symptoms, please bring your pet in to see our veterinarians immediately.

If your pet is displaying these symptoms, contact us immediately

Treating an Intestinal Blockage


A pet with suspect intestinal blockage will need x-rays or an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. If a blockage is confirmed but is thought to be minor, our veterinarians may consider outpatient medical treatment in an attempt to help resolve the blockage.

More severe blockages require surgery especially before a blockage leads to more serious problems. Our team is trained in quickly identifying and treating intestinal blockages, helping reduce the recovery time and improving prognosis.

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Intestinal blockages can be life threatening. If you suspect that your pet has a blockage, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment.

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