Owning a pet means dealing with their… Well, you know. But what should you do if it turns to diarrhea? The list of things that can cause diarrhea is a mile long, ranging from stress, to something they ate, to a recent change in diet. More serious things can also be a trigger, like infections, parasites, toxins, and other medical conditions. If your pet has one soft stool, don’t panic. It’s usually okay to wait and see. Do contact us if it doesn’t go away, if it gets worse or if you notice other symptoms, like not eating or drinking or signs of lethargy, pain or distress. Severe or watery diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration, a dangerous condition for pets. Those that are very young, old, small, or have a preexisting medical condition are even more at risk. It takes a strong stomach to deal with diarrhea. Fortunately, we can help. Call us if you have concerns about your pet.