Hi, I’m Bob and yes, I’m a tick. I was actually caught by your vet. We made a deal. I tell you all my trade secrets and they promise to remove me gently. So well, here it goes. I guess I should start with the basics. My species can live in almost any outdoor environment but we especially love grasses and shrubs. Those areas are great for hitching ride with your dog or cat. We come in many different shapes and sizes. Here are a few of my friends, Todd, Joe, Betty, Jim. Oh, and check out Jill she just got done with a giant feast. Good work, Jill.

Now I’ve been asked to read this prepared statement. Ticks are annoying little parasites that carry terrible diseases that can affect both animals and people. So well, there’s that. Oh, here’s something you might not know, at certain times of the year I’m more active, but I can be a risk nearly year round. And again, this is coming from your vet. Let’s see here. We recommend using parasite preventative year round, ask us to recommend the best product for your pet, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea.

You should also check your pet often for ticks. We’re sneaky little buggers who love to hide in warm, hard to reach, areas like inside and around the ears under the chin and neck, honestly, anywhere on the head is fair game. Also between toes, under folds of skin, and in armpits and the groin area. If you do find one of my eight legged friends latched onto your pet, it’s important to remove it soon. Use tweezers to take hold at the head of the tick and pulse slowly and steadily. Once removed, the area should heal on its own. Call your vet if you have any questions. Well that about covers it. Does that work for you?

You forgot the ending.

Oh yeah, sorry. Visit your vet today to make sure your pet is protected.