Some of the scariest monsters for a pet owner are lumps and bumps, but often these monsters aren’t so tough, especially when they’re discovered and treated early. Here are some tips to help protect your dog or cat. Check your pet monthly for lumps and bumps while petting or brushing. Lumps and bumps can form just about anywhere, on or under the skin, so check everywhere, including armpits, ears, lips, gums, groin, and toes. If you find something, even something small, schedule an appointment with us immediately.

This is important for three reasons. Many lumps and bumps turn out to be not that big of a deal, so getting it checked out now will keep you from worrying about it later. That said, it’s also common for lumps and bumps to be dangerous. For dogs, about 20% to 40% are dangerous. For cats, 50%. So waiting and hoping for the best is not a good strategy. When a dangerous lump or bump is detected early, the treatment options could be less expensive, less painful, and have a higher likelihood of a positive outcome. In fact, most could be cured with surgery alone, if found when small. If a lump or bump is cancerous, keep in mind that cancer treatments don’t affect pets the same as humans, and a high quality of life can be maintained. So if you find a lump or bump, don’t let it scare you. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll put those little monsters in their place.