Brushing your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be difficult. The trick is to gradually introduce the steps at a pace your dog is comfortable with.

Step 1: Touch Face & Muzzle

Give them threats and praise while doing this.

Step 2: Touch Outside and Inside Mouth

Gently lift their lips, give them treats and praise, then rub your finger along the gums and back teeth.

Step 3: Introduce Pet-Safe Toothpaste

Let your dog lick the toothpaste off of your finger to get them used to the flavor and smell. Then begin by rubbing small amounts of toothpaste on the front teeth and side of gums with your finger. Again, continued praise and treats will help your success.

Step 4: Introduce Toothbrush

Let the dog lick toothpaste off of the toothbrush.

Step 5: Brush Several Front Teeth

Gently pull cheek up to access upper teeth.

Step 6: Brush All Teeth

Brush in a circular motion along the gum line. Brush deeper in mouth between cheek and teeth.

For some dogs, these steps go quickly. For others, it could take days or weeks. If you’re looking for a professional cleaning for dog, feel free to contact us.